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Illuminate is a Proud Google for Education Partner

We're committed to integrating Illuminate products into the Google ecosystem. This includes full support for Google Cloud, Google Classroom and the G Suite.

We are excited about the potential of Google tools and technology to transform the teaching and learning experience for educators, students, administrators, and parents.


Google SSO

Students can seamlessly log in to Illuminate online using their district-provisioned Google accounts instead of entering their student IDs.


Integration with Google Classroom

The Google for Education and Illuminate DnA integration is available now. Teachers can:

  • Post Illuminate DnA assessments in Google Classroom and receive scores back after students submit their work
  • Import Google Classroom assignments into the Illuminate DnA Gradebook
  • Choose to attach materials and resources from Google Drive to Illuminate DnA Flex Assessments

Chromebook Online Testing Support

Full support for Google Chromebooks for online testing, through:

  • Integration of Respondus Locked Browser, enabling secure online testing¬† ¬†via Chromebooks
  • Lightning Grader integration allowing teachers to instantly scan student paper/pencil tests using the Chromebook eyesight camera.

Google Cloud Hosting

Illuminate utilizes Google Cloud hosting services. This enables greater performance, reliability, and scalability for Illuminate and its clients.