Dyslexia Screener Checklist

Five Critical Features for Dyslexia Screening

Universal screening can be used to determine a student’s risk for reading difficulties, including dyslexia. Screening students for signs of dyslexia is an important first step in providing the early interventions they need to keep literacy skill deficits from becoming large achievement gaps.

Unfortunately, not all assessments can be used for dyslexia screening. When evaluating assessment systems, look for one that includes measures that meet these five criteria for dyslexia screening.

Can FastBridge Be Used for Dyslexia Screening?

Included in every subscription of the FastBridge assessment solution are CBMreading™ and earlyReading™. With both, teachers can screen for signs of dyslexia at critical early grade levels; address student learning needs with targeted, data-driven interventions; and monitor students’ progress toward reading goals. FastBridge has been approved as a dyslexia screener in several states, including Arizona, Mississippi, Missouri, Oregon, South Carolina, and Washington.

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