Support Students with Early Dyslexia Screening

Supporting Reading Growth with Progress Monitoring

Students with dyslexia will require additional support and targeted instruction to build their reading skills. Listen as Dr. Rachel Brown explains the importance of progress monitoring to ensure interventions are effective.

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Assess, Address, and Monitor

According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, it takes four times as long to intervene in fourth grade as it does in late kindergarten. That’s why early screening is essential to supporting students with reading difficulties like dyslexia.

Included in the FastBridge assessment solution are measures for dyslexia screening. When using these measures, you may meet many state dyslexia screening requirements, plus receive data to provide effective, timely supports to students at critical early grade levels.

In this infographic, learn how to use one of those measures, earlyReading™, to screen for dyslexia, address student learning needs with targeted interventions, and monitor student progress toward reading goals.

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