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Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) Resource Page

Kickstart or enhance your own data-driven MTSS. Discover resources to help you pinpoint students' academic and social-emotional behavior (SEB) needs, align instruction and interventions, monitor progress, and evaluate what's working to drive continual, system-level improvements.

Starting with MTSS Basics

New to MTSS? These resources provide an introduction to the MTSS framework, explain the MTSS tiers, and unpack what an MTSS looks like in day-to-day practices.

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MTSS 1 Webinar

MTSS 101: The Essentials

Explore the essential components of an MTSS framework and the data-driven decisions that drive daily best practices.


What is MTSS?

Unpack the components of the MTSS framework and the significance of each.


MTSS Essentials: Data-Informed Decisions to Support Each Student

Discover a go-to reference for general MTSS information: understanding the MTSS framework, the MTSS tiers, and the role whole child data play in implementation.

Bolstering Your MTSS Implementation

With a better understanding of an MTSS, you're ready to start looking at the specifics of your implementation.

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Bolstering Webinar

Setting Up for Data-Driven MTSS

Establish Data Analysis Teams (DATs) for each tier and explore how data can be used in key practices, like measuring Tier 1 effectiveness, pinpointing student needs, and monitoring growth and effectiveness.


MTSS Toolkit

Download 13 templates designed to help your team more confidently navigate essential MTSS processes and ask the right questions about the right data at the right time.


How I Made MTSS Work in My District

When in doubt, try focusing on these 5 key practices to ensure your MTSS is student-centered, effective, and sustainable.

Strengthening Tier 1

Start with a focus on Tier 1 to have the greatest positive impact for the largest number of students, without resorting to unsustainable practices that deplete and debilitate resources.

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Understanding and Improving the Universal Tier: Meeting the Needs of All Students

Deepen your understanding of the universal tier, increase your confidence in identifying universal academic and SEB needs, and learn how to monitor the effectiveness of your Tier 1 efforts.


Universal Screening 101

Explore the purposes and uses of universal screening for academics and SEB and how to use screening data to support Tier 1 needs and accelerate growth.


Universal Screening Toolkit

Discover specific analysis questions (and recommended action steps) to help identify Tier 1 needs and pinpoint which students are at risk.

Aligning Tier 2 & Tier 3 Interventions and Progress Monitoring

After starting in the universal tier, teams can turn their attention to targeting students' Tier 2 and Tier 3 needs, aligning impactful interventions, and progress monitoring intervention effectiveness.

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Data-Driven Intervention and Instruction: Accelerate Growth with Effective Student and School Supports

Take a data-driven approach to targeting interventions for accelerated growth at every tier.


Progress Monitoring 101

Unpack the process of progress monitoring, including information about its origins, purposes, assessments, procedures, and an intro to how to interpret progress data.


Progress Monitoring Toolkit

Discover data analysis questions (and recommended action steps) to help determine whether to continue, change, or fade interventions in order to achieve catch-up growth faster.

Illuminate provides screening and progress monitoring assessments for academics and SEB, combined with whole child data visualizations and built-in tools for key MTSS practices.

Evaluating Effectiveness

Evaluate what's working across Tier 1 intensifications, Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions, and your overall intervention program. Celebrate areas of success and make timely adjustments where needed.

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MTSS Intervention Effectiveness, Alignment, and Fidelity 101

Learn strategies for using data to evaluate and enhance your intervention program, including improving student need identification, monitoring fidelity, evaluating intervention effectiveness, and protecting impactful intervention programs with strong Tier 1 practices.


MTSS Interventions: Increasing Effectiveness at Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3

Evaluate effectiveness at every tier to continually inform resource allocation, drive system-level improvement, and invest in effective programs that impact outcomes.

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A Midyear Check on Equity and Growth: Strategies for Using Data to Inform Adjustments and Improve Outcomes

Explore a straightforward methodology for analyzing and understanding growth, examining data through an equity lens, and identifying midyear changes to improve instruction and support throughout the rest of the year—and why it's so important to do so.

Ensuring Supports for All Learners

An effective MTSS framework ensures that each and every student receives the supports they need. Learn more about implementing MTSS through an equity lens and with specific groups of students.

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Supporting All Students with Equity-Based MTSS

Join Dr. Amy McCart and Dr. Dawn Miller of the SWIFT Education Center to learn proven steps for designing an MTSS that serves the whole child and supports all students—while allocating limited resources impactfully and scaling equitable practices system-wide.


5 Strategies for Implementing MTSS at the Secondary Level

In secondary settings, educators are teaching hundreds of students each day in back-to-back classes. They're also supporting students with a heightened number of possible SEB and academic struggles. How can MTSS work at the secondary level? Try these five strategies.


Supporting Advanced Learning Within a Multi-Tiered System of Supports

Like all students, advanced learners require support (enrichment and extension) that bolsters and extends learning. Learn how to track interventions and supports, progress monitor, and document advanced learning support within an MTSS.

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Supercharge Your MTSS with Illuminate Education

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Research-based universal screening and progress monitoring for academics and social-emotional behavior (SEB) with intervention recommendations

Whole child data visualization and MTSS collaboration and management platform with built-in tools for essential MTSS practices

What Your Colleagues Are Saying

Learn why other data-driven educators choose Illuminate to support their MTSS.

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How Does Illuminate Support MTSS?

Educators share how Illuminate is supporting their MTSS practices and data-driven decision making.

Case Study

Wausau Public Schools

Combine screening, progress monitoring, and other whole child data to drive a student-centered, targeted system of support.


Wahoo Public Schools

Enhance system-level strategic decisions around instruction, intervention, and staff supports within an MTSS.