Achievement Dashboard

The Achievement Dashboard is a new interactive dashboard tool with customizable visualizations of real-time data that create shareable insights and school improvement plans. Discover insights into datasets like attendance, assessments, behavior, culture, climate, college and career, course completion, demographics, grades, and much more.

Know what you need to know, when you need to know it.


  • Ability to drill-down to analyze, interpret and make data-driven actions based on real-time student data aggregated from multiple data sources.

  • Based on the collective work of site and district strategic plans, progress monitor KPI’s that support the continuous improvement efforts of the district.
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  • Create multiple dashboards with customizable data points/charts
  • Drag-and-drop/resize modules
  • Simple workflow/toggle graph types
  • Set strategic plans, action items, and set goals
  • Links to Google Sheets



Strategic Plans

By combining data from reports, spreadsheets, and other systems into an interactive dashboard, you can create and align your district’s strategic plans, collaborate on action items, and set goals for your teams.


Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Monitor critical KPIs for summary data to help your team make quick, informed decisions. Track progress and results by student group or grade level to drive equitable outcomes for all students.

Drill-down Dashboards & Charts

Get real-time data access with interactive, drill-down dashboards that highlight trends and progress over time. Engage your multiple teams and stakeholders with charts that are customizable and intuitive.


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