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Identify Student Needs in Real Time

Maximize early prevention with a customizable early warning system and automated email notifications.

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Know Exactly Who Needs Support, Right When They Need It

Monitor needs 24/7 across assessment, attendance, behavior incident, and other data and customize alerts around specific concerns or groups of students.

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Expedite Supports with Automated Notifications

Schedule email notifications to go to the right users when students cross various thresholds, so your team can respond as soon as a student demonstrates a need.

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Connect Alerts to the Next Step in Your Workflow

Set up alerts to automatically trigger next steps-such as starting a student plan—so educators are able to shift immediately into problem-solving and taking action.

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Ensure All Students Are On Track

Ensure students are on track for key milestones, such as graduating on time and and achieving third grade reading proficiency, to inform early interventions before small gaps become larger.

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Drive Progress Toward Strategic Goals

Get real-time reporting on whether the school or district is on track to meet goals around dropout prevention, reducing absenteeism, closing gaps, achieving catch-up growth, and more.

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eduCLIMBER Case Studies

Learn how eduCLIMBER is already supporting data-driven educators like you.


Wahoo Public Schools

An award-winning Nebraska district leverages eduCLIMBER to make strategic, data-driven decisions in their MTSS.


Wausau School District

A Wisconsin school district uses data to drive a student-centered, targeted system of supports at all levels of instruction.


Newton County School System

A large Georgia district discovers a data visualization solution that makes supporting every student a reality.