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Universal Screening & Progress MonitoringGrades 1-8
Teacher-AdministeredCurriculum-Based MeasureTime Required: 5-10 minLab Status

CBMcomp is a supplemental assessment to CBMreading that measures oral reading fluency and students’ ability to recall information from passages of connected text.

Reading comprehension extends beyond the fundamental aspects of reading to include the identification and use of meaning in both its explicit and implicit forms. CBMcomp was designed to assess the details and coherence recalled and retold by a student immediately after reading (e.g., who, what, where, when, why and how).

CBMcomp is divided into two parts:

CBMcomp Recall: The recall supplement provides standardized directions to prompt the student to recall the story. The teacher marks each of approximately 17 important details as the student recalls them. That defines the thoroughness of the recall.

CBMcomp Questions: The question supplement provides standardized directions and ten standardized, passage-specific comprehension questions with answers. The teacher asks each question and marks it as correct or incorrect. Comprehension accuracy is reported on a scale from 0 to 100%. It takes approximately one minute to administer and score online.


CBMcomp can be used for both screening and progress monitoring.

Progress Monitoring

CBMcomp can be used for both screening and progress monitoring.


CBMcomp is an untimed optional supplement to CBMreading, and each part can be used together or in isolation. Each requires the student to read a CBMreading passage, which are all designed with a Goal-Action-Outcome story structure that provides context and support for comprehension supplements.

What Is Lab Status?

In order to reduce the typical 10- to 30-year gap between university research and classroom results, FastBridge releases developing assessments in “Lab Status.” This phase allows educators to preview new tools and provide feedback on functionality. It also allows FastBridge researchers to confirm the psychometric properties of new measures when used in everyday classroom settings. This results in more accurate benchmarks and norms once the measure moves out of Lab Status.

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