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Reading AssessmentsCOMPefficiency


Universal Screening & Progress MonitoringGrades 2-8
Computer-BasedCurriculum-Based MeasureTime Required: 7-12 minLab Status

COMPefficiency measures the quality and efficiency of the comprehension processes that occurs during reading (e.g., summarizing, connecting, bridging, elaborating) and the quality of the comprehension after reading (i.e., qualities of the mental representation). These are the fundamental aspects of reading comprehension.

Students read a passage of 250-500 words sentence by sentence. The passage is intermittently interrupted by a series of true-false questions designed to measure inferential processes. After they complete the passage, students respond to a set of multiple-choice questions, which are designed to evaluate the quality of their mental representation. The student’s response accuracy and reading times, taken together, indicate the accuracy and efficiency of the reading processes.


COMPefficiency is intended for universal screening and instructional diagnostics. Screening passages are unique for each screening period and for each grade. Screening passages for grades 2 through 4 are narrative; screening passages for grades 5 through 8 are informational.

Progress Monitoring

COMPefficiency is also appropriate for progress monitoring. For progress monitoring, passages alternate between narrative and informational.


This is a self-paced measure that is computer-administered and computer-scored. On average, it takes 7 to 12 minutes to complete.

What Is Lab Status?

In order to reduce the typical 10- to 30-year gap between university research and classroom results, FastBridge releases developing assessments in “Lab Status.” This phase allows educators to preview new tools and provide feedback on functionality. It also allows FastBridge researchers to confirm the psychometric properties of new measures when used in everyday classroom settings. This results in more accurate benchmarks and norms once the measure moves out of Lab Status.

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