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Assessments Grounded in Research for Proven Results

University ties underpin the quality of our assessments. Many of our assessments and innovations emerge from collaborations with leading education researchers and psychometricians across the country.


Research-Based Asssessments You Can Trust

All FastBridge assessments are developed through a rigorous research process. Only those that demonstrate high-quality research and significant outcomes receive technical documentation and become assessments.

Our Research Process

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Initial Development

Ideas are translated into a research study with defined materials, participants, procedures, and techniques to measure outcomes.

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Controlled Studies

Once the research plan is verified, one or more controlled studies are conducted to see if the idea works under ideal conditions.

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Research articles submitted for technical documentation are sent to two or more researchers who are experts in the same topic as the study.

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Lab Status

The assessment has been researched and verified in controlled studies and is now available to districts for a limited, trial use to gather feedback.

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With multiple sources of high-quality research, the assessment measure is released from Lab and becomes an endorsed assessment for instructional decision making.

Our Research Manual

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Bridging Research to Results

FastBridge was designed to translate academic research into real-world results for educators by innovating today and implementing tomorrow.


FastBridge works with researchers from the Universities of Minnesota, Georgia, Missouri, Buffalo, South Florida, as well as Penn State and Syracuse University.


FastBridge was designed to reduce the typical 10- to 30-year gap between university research and classroom results to a few years.

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Stephanie Snidarich
Researcher at University of Minnesota

Interested in learning more?
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Next Generation of Research-Based Assessments: The Story

In 2005, Theodore J. Christ and his team of nationally renowned scholars and university-based researchers set out to build knowledge around improving educational assessments. After being granted funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Dr. Christ and his colleagues went to work.


Calling All Investigators!

Are you a doctoral student, faculty member or state department of education employee? We welcome the use of our measures in ongoing research and access to existing FastBridge data for research purposes. If you are interested, please fill out the form below and the FastBridge research department will reach out to you soon.