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SEBmySAEBRS (my Social, Academic, Emotional Behavior Risk Screener)


Universal ScreeningGrades 2-12
Computer-BasedStudent Self-ReportedTime Required: 1-3 min

mySAEBRS Domains


mySAEBRS is designed for universal screening of students in grades 2 through 12. Students in kindergarten and grade 1 have not reached the developmental stage required to engage in cognitive insight which enables them to think about and rate their own behaviors. For this reason, the mySAEBRS should not be used by students in kindergarten and grade 1.

mySAEBRS can be used to identify students who are at risk for social, academic, and emotional behaviors up to five times a year. By evaluating in which of the three specific domains a student is at risk, educators may determine what type of supports are most appropriate and which problem behaviors should be prioritized through intervention. For instance, if a student is only at risk for emotional problems, then a school may decide to target emotional behaviors via the application of social-emotional learning (SEL) programs.

Progress Monitoring

mySAEBRS is not intended for progress monitoring.


mySAEBERS may be completed using a computer or tablet. Ratings correspond to the frequency of various behaviors in the previous month (Never, Sometimes, Often, Almost Always). FastBridge recommends that mySAEBRS not be administered until students have been in school for at least six weeks as it gives students the opportunity to adjust to a new routine and setting.

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