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Illuminate Student Information

“AWESOME!!!!!!!! Profile report answers any possible question regarding a student’s history with us. The Reports Tab has been a literal lifesaver and it is a lot of fun customizing the reports to fit my needs and the needs of the teachers at the school. Illuminate is a great data system and I mean it. I worked with another SIS for over 10 years and Illuminate beats it in every category. Thank You!!!!!”

~ Olga Suarez Attendance Clerk, Mountain View Elementary School, CA

Designed in collaboration with school districts, Illuminate Education’s K-12 Student Information System is available either as a powerful, modern standalone SIS solution compatible with dozens of K-12 technology systems or as part of the fully integrated Illuminate Education Intelligence Platform.

School and District Administrators: Power to streamline scheduling and state compliance

  • Master schedule development is a snap with features such as mass scheduling, block scheduling, linked sections, student constraints and course requests
  • Create and distribute custom transcripts and traditional and/or elementary standards-based report cards
  • Aggregate all your various school data into one interface to enter, manage, view and report
  • Tons of convenient pre-built, sharable reports:  Grades, standards, demographics, attendance, behavior incidents, progress, individual students - run at class, school or district level.
  • Generates reports and extracts required by your state using data you provide (e.g. CALPADS in California and MSDS in Michigan)
  • Compatible with systems such as food service, messaging, notification, LMS
Master Scheduling Board
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Teachers 🙂 and Front Office: Our modern user interface generates more smiles and less stress

  • Record attendance however you like: By seating chart, class roster, or student
  • Full-featured standards and points-based gradebooks
  • Easily create student groups for intervention, athletics, projects, etc.
  • A single click provides access to detailed student profile, academic history, student list or college readiness report
  • Electronic student lunch count submission
  • Easy communication with parents and students through portal

Parents and Students: Empower everyone to track progress and easily communicate with teachers in user-friendly portal.

  • Parents and students can quickly view all test scores, grades, assignments, attendance and course schedules
  • Easily request courses online
  • Review and respond to teacher comments, announcements and messages
  • A single login for parents of multiple students
Home Connection Portal
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Subgroup Summaries
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See all the data in a single, centralized place -- anytime, anywhere.

  • District level educators can analyze sweeping patterns and trends while instructional leaders can employ fast and flexible reports to shape curriculum and instruction in the classroom in real-time
  • Access, input, and analyze data from any computer with Internet access
  • Automatically load data from various data sources
  • Quickly draw detailed reports for any kind of student demographic, special education, health, or language information

ISI Overview Video

Get a basic overview of what our SIS can do for your school.

Moving to the Modern SIS

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