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Item Bank Partners

Illuminate Education works alongside other education partners to provide integrated item banks for formative, interim, and summative assessment development. Each education partner that authors these items creates questions with a variety of attributes, lexiles, depths of knowledge and item types (e.g. Technology-Enhanced Items). Additionally, many have created pre-built assessments and performance tasks by grade-span and content area.


Inspect® is a formative assessment item bank and suite of over 500 pre-built assessments, providing educators a truly comprehensive assessment solution. This solution offers an industry-leading combination of rigor, innovation, and integrity at one price. The result is ease of assessment delivery that provides specific feedback to teachers so they can quickly inform instruction to increase student learning.  Inspect® is developed by Key Data Systems, an industry leader in educational psychometric services and standards-based assessment.

Fluence Learning

We believe that assessments can influence instruction before they are actually administered to students! We design our assessments to communicate the expectations and instructional shifts of the standards. When educators review assessments, blueprints, our Quick Checks, and supporting teacher materials before instruction, they extend their understanding of college- and career-ready expectations. For example, by reviewing our assessments, they get a practical context to explore qualitative and quantitative text complexity, instructing at different levels of Webb's Depth of Knowledge, and synthesizing clusters of math standards to develop deeper understanding.

Measured Progress

Measured Progress is a not-for-profit organization that helps district and state K–12 educators create authentic, standards-based assessments. With more than thirty years of experience developing high-quality assessment content, Measured Progress provides a comprehensive set of solutions that help educators gather meaningful information about student progress to improve teaching and learning. Their premium assessment content for English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science supports students to model and practice different types of assessment items, and reach the higher levels of rigor expected by statewide tests.

Certica Solutions

Certica is the innovator of the Certica Connect™ platform which provides application interoperability and centralized integration, access and enrichment of education data, metadata and content. The company partners with a diverse network of K-12 application and system vendors, as well as learning content and assessment providers. Certica also delivers solutions directly to more than 500 school districts and numerous charter school organizations, state education agencies and educational service agencies. To help educators assess students’ understanding of concepts and track standards mastery, Certica provides the Navigate Item Bank™ designed to guide instruction at the district and classroom levels.

CenterPoint Education Solutions

CenterPoint Education Solutions builds assessment, instruction, and content tools to help states, districts, and schools improve teaching and learning. Our high-quality items are built around authentic texts and carefully aligned to individual state standards, as well as the Common Core Standards. Our pre-designed diagnostic and interim assessments are developed by experts who participated in the writing of the Common Core State Standards, designed the model content frameworks, and helped develop nationally recognized state assessments.

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