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Professional Services

Predictive Analytic Service

Service Overview

Predictive analytics are very powerful tools to identify students in a variety of contexts and have many applications in education but many districts do not have the psychometric experts on staff that understand the somewhat complex processes involved.  The application of predictive analytics in education are many but a few examples include, using benchmark assessment data or data from specific vendors to predict which students are most at risk for not being proficient on their state accountability assessment or for identifying students for proper placement into courses. Additionally, districts are often in need of other analyses such determine the efficacy of intervention programs through the use of effect size statistics.


  • Creation of unlimited predictive analysis models based on the measures determined by the district not an outside agency or vendor.
  • No need to hire psychometric experts to do this work and save money.
  • Specific custom reports and performance bands linked to the analytics are created for application across the district.
  • Cost: Only $750 per data set analysis

What You'll Leave With

  • Completion of one or more logistic regression predictive analyses based on district need.
  • Regression data outputs
  • Calculation of effect size statistics for program evaluation
  • Custom reports and performance bands created in Illuminate to display the predictive analysis to district staff.

Christopher Balow, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Educational Psychology/School Psychology from Arizona State University.  Sub-specialties in abnormal psychology, quantitative methods and child development.Currently Dr. Balow is the Chief Research Scientist for Illuminate Education.  Dr. Balow spent 33 years in public education in Louisiana, Arizona and Minnesota as a School Psychologist, Asst. Director of Special Education, RtI/Intervention System Director and the last 9 years as Director of Research and Evaluation for a metropolitan Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. school district.  Dr. Balow also was also adjunct instructor for 20 over years in the doctoral School Psychology program at the University of Minnesota where he was an internship site supervisor for Ph.D. graduate students and taught courses in academic, social/emotional and behavioral interventions. Prior to that he served as an educational consultant for 5 years with the Scantron Corporation.  Dr. Balow specializes in professional services for Illuminate Education in  early warning systems, social-emotional learning, balanced assessment systems, program evaluation and predictive analytics.

“The application of predictive analytics is essential to identify and target students that are not predicted to be proficient on state assessments.  We were able identify these students early on in the fall using these findings and make sure we provided the appropriate interventions to change to predicted outcome from not proficient to proficient.”

-Rachel Larson, Director of Personalized Learning, Stillwater MN Area Public Schools.

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