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Professional Services

Program Evaluation

Service Overview

Educators need to know if their policies, practices, and programs are working and under what conditions. Illuminate Education supports clients with formative and summative program evaluations to help them shape, improve, and transform programs for greater efficacy.

We know the same toolkit does not address the program evaluation needs of every client.  Whether your program is straightforward or complex, we customize our program evaluations to meet your specific needs.  

We use a combination of traditional and state-of-the-art analytic methods and tools in collaboration with policymakers, organizational leaders, program staff, and community partners.
Whether you are planning for a grant that requires an independent evaluation of the program, at the early stages of implementing a new program or in need of a summative evaluation we are happy to partner with you to prepare an effective grant application, design a measurement methodology or analyze the outcome data.


We understand the quantitative and qualitative methods needed for a valid and accurate program evaluations.  We develop measurement metrics for program implementation and outcome variables. Our analysis yields insights to answer your specific essential questions.

What You'll Leave With

  • Grant application support and preparation
  • Frame essential program evaluation questions
  • Research framework advice
  • Implementation evaluations
  • Formative (in process) or summative (final) program evaluations
  • Gather implementation data
  • Design program outcome indicators
  • Use appropriate statistical methods  to determine the impact of programs on student and/or system outcomes.
  • Prepare findings, make recommendations, deliver high-quality and concise stakeholder reports.
  • Longitudinal growth models
  • Randomized control studies and case studies.
  • Recommendations that serve to improve outcomes for students

Dr. Abram Jimenez works with district leadership teams across the country to develop ways to ensure equitable outcomes for all students. Prior to coming to Illuminate Education, Dr. Jimenez, served as Chief of School in the San Francisco Unified School District, where he provided supervision and support to the local area Assistant Superintendents and 142 schools. As a senior district leader and key cabinet member building coherence, Dr. Jimenez lead the district-wide implementation of SFUSD’s strategic plan and supported the district's theory of action that lead towards continuous improvement. Abram holds a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Education from UCLA; a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership Studies from the University of San Diego and Doctorate from the University of Southern California in K-12 Urban Leadership.

Christopher Balow, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Educational Psychology/School Psychology from Arizona State University.  Sub-specialties in abnormal psychology, quantitative methods and child development. Currently Dr. Balow is the Chief Research Scientist for Illuminate Education.  Dr. Balow spent 33 years in public education in Louisiana, Arizona and Minnesota as a School Psychologist, Asst. Director of Special Education, RtI/Intervention System Director and the last 9 years as Director of Research and Evaluation for a metropolitan Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. school district.  Dr. Balow also was also adjunct instructor for 20 over years in the doctoral School Psychology program at the University of Minnesota where he was an internship site supervisor for Ph.D. graduate students and taught courses in academic, social/emotional and behavioral interventions. Prior to that he served as an educational consultant for 5 years with the Scantron Corporation.  Dr. Balow specializes in professional services for Illuminate Education in  early warning systems, social-emotional learning, balanced assessment systems, program evaluation and predictive analytics.

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