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NOTE:  The PowerSchool Extract Tool requires a special setup for Windows 10.  The extract tool works with Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2008/2012

Current Version

Email for the PowerSchool Extract Scripts.

Courtesy tool enables districts the ability to quickly extract required IlluminateEd datasets and then transfer them to the Illuminate SFTP server.


This system is used to extract PowerSchool data into multiple files that can be loaded into IlluminateEd. The export process is performed by several scripts that run with sqlplus on the computer that hosts the Oracle database for PowerSchool or VPN connection for Pearson-Hosting.


Most users install files on the PowerSchool Database Server but it is not required. Additionally, if clients are hosted via Pearson VPN, a Windows machine must be used. (Please note: Files are configured to the path of C:\\PS_IllumnaiteEd_Exporter).


Edit the following files:

    • C:\\PS_IlluminateEd_Exporter\IEexport.cmd
    • C:\\PS_IlluminateEd_Exporter\IEexport.cmd_ALL (Line 1: replace “password” with your PSNavigator Password)


    • C:\\PS_IlluminateEd_Exporter\psexports\
    • C:\\PS_IlluminateEd_Exporter\psexports\INITIAL_SETUP\ieload.sh_ALL (Line 3: Replace “username” and “password” with your assigned Illuminate SFTP username and password)


    • C:\\PS_IlluminateEd_Exporter\ie_export_script_ALL Line 6: DEFINE IE_YEAR_ID = 27
    • Specifies the PowerSchool Year (ie: 26= 2016-2017, 25 = 2015-2016, etc)
      Line 7: DEFINE IE_ACADEMIC_YEAR = '2017-2018'
    • Labels specific field to the current academic year
      Line 8: DEFINE IE_FIRST_DAY = '30-JUN-2017'
    • Specifies the first day of school for the current academic year
      Line 9: DEFINE: IE_LAST_DAY = '30-JUN-2018'


    • Specifies the last day of school for the current academic year
      Line 11: DEFINE IE_STUDENT_REFERENCE_ID = 's.Student_Number'
      Line 13: DEFINE IE_STUDENT_USERNAME_REF_ID = 's.Student_Number'
      Line 14: DEFINE IE_TEACHER_REFERENCE_ID = 't.teachernumber'


The PowerSchool Extract Tool produces the required IlluminateEd dataset and allows the ability to send files to your assigned SFTP account. Once the tool is installed and the config file is setup properly, you are ready to automatically run the IEexport.cmd file with Windows Task Scheduler.