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District Implementation Roles and Responsibilities

Implementing a new Data and Assessment system is something that should be done with some planning! In an effort to help you make your rollout and implementation as smooth as possible, please consider the following implementation roles. In some implemenations there may be one persone performing more than one role. In other implementations roles may be split over multiple people. But hopefully this document helps guide and direct your implementation.


Who is filling each role? What's the support plan? What are teachers getting trained on? When? Who is calling who for support?

The Data Person

In your Illuminate implementation, one of the most key members of the district implementation team is the team member responsible for providing the data to Illuminate - we'll call this team member your "data person". While Illuminate may (depending on your SIS) be able to provide some courtesy scripts that may help get the process started, there's still some data work that needs to be done by the district.

The data responsibility of the district is to ensure that data is extracted from your source system and transferred over to Illuminate. The extraction and transfer of data is the district's responsibility. The Illuminate data team are not experts in your SIS. So while the Illuminate data team may be able to help out, provide some tips, provide some courtesy scripts or tools, ultimately the data extraction and transfer is the responsibility of the district and the data person. The data person will have to make sure that the scripts that Illuminate provides are installed, configured, run, modified ... whatever it takes to make sure that the data comes across.

Once the data is pulled out of the SIS and transferred over to Illuminate then the Illuminate automation kicks in. Your data will be analyzed and imported every night. But the data work is not done after the extraction and transfer. As the data is imported, many times there are data import errors or data import warnings that surface. These errors and warnings need to be reviewed and understood by the data person. The Illuminate data team will help the district data person understand the logs, know the difference between errors are warnings, understand code management in Illuminate, and generally understand the overall data process. Ultimately, however, resolving the errors and warnings is something that the data person will need to do.

Once things are setup and running, and the logs have been reviewed, the ongoing work is pretty minimal. You may decide that you want to add another data set to Illuminate (attendance, transcripts, etc.) and the data person will get involved in that. At semester changes logs may need to be reviewed more extensively. The data person should be checking their email to see if there were any import failures. And as the school year ends and the new school year starts the data person will need to make sure that the SIS data extracts are ready to send "next year's" data.

So do you need a full time data person? Not really. Do you need a DBA? Definitely not. You just need someone who understands your SIS, the SIS data, and the importance of clean and usable data. Your data person should understand the importance of the overall Illuminate project within your district and prioritize the work accordingly.

The Assessment Lead

Who's in charge of making sure your benchmarks are ready? Who is going to get all of your state assessment data loaded into Illuminate? What assessments do you want to get "turned on" from ZELibrary? What standards do you need installed?

Technology Lead

What are your plans for scanning? Do you have updated browsers everywhere? Who is going to troubleshoot issues at the district?


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