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The Illuminate Site Setup Process

1. Tell us that you’re ready to go!

Once you’re ready to move forward, we need to know the following:

  • The name and email of the person who will be responsible for getting your site setup. This is your initial site setup technical contact.
  • Tell us how we should name your site. For example:


  • Typically, you will use your district name or district abreviation as the first portion of your Illuminate installation.
  • Please give us two different options since your first choice may already be in use by someone else.
  • Read the rest of this document and proceed to the bottom of this page to provide us this information (coming soon...)

2. Site and account creation

Illuminate will do the following:
  • Create an SFTP account to which you can upload your data
  • Build your site
  • Send an informative email to the technical contact

3. Upload your data

Your data should be prepared according to the Illuminate Core Data Spec which can be downloaded at:
  • Data is processed in the following order:
    1. Sites
    2. Terms (not a file based import – you will build these in Illuminate)
    3. Courses
    4. Users
    5. Student Demographics
    6. Enrollment
    7. Master Schedule
    8. Rosters

4. Illuminate imports sites

After you’ve notified us that your data is up on the SFTP we will begin loading your data into your site.
  • Illuminate imports your sites
  • Illuminate notifies you that your sites have been loaded
  • The ball is in your court! You need to create your terms in the system in order for the rest of your data to load

5. You login and manage your terms

Remember, the ball is in your court. Nothing proceeds until you build your terms via the Term Manager.
  • Term Manager is located at Admin > Term Manager
  • Once you’ve setup your terms, let Illuminate know and we’ll monitor the imports for the rest of the files.

6. Automated data loads take over

So things are moving along...
  • So you’ve uploaded all of your data
  • You’ve installed your terms
  • Illuminate has turned on your automation profile
  • Things are pretty much good to go! Except …


If all of your data is PERFECT and everything aligns magically, you’ll have no issues.
  • This rarely, if ever, happens.
  • Your import logs are the key to successful imports.
  • Review the logs, talk to us at Illuminate, let us know you are seeing issues
  • Help us help you!

8. Your site is ready to roll

At this point you have a usable site and you can:
  • Begin training
  • Provide more data for previous years
  • Add additional datasets from the Illuminate Extra Data Spec which can be found at
  • What else? Talk to your Implementation Manager for next steps ...

The key to a successful data implementation is well, great data. But another key is communication. Make sure that you communicate with us. We are not proactively monitoring most of your data loads. If you have questions or need assistance, simply let us know. Once you raise your hand we will jump to assist you. The best way to get issues resolved, gain additional information, or just have a great conversation with some really nice people is to call us at 949-242-0343. You can also send us an email to This will immediately create a support ticket and we’ll address you issues.

So are you ready to get going? Want to get your site up and running? Have you already talked to our sales team and you have a contract? Let them know you're reafy and they'll get the ball rolling. Typically, the process can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks from receipt of your data to get your site up and running. The faster you are, the faster we can be...