Why Does an Assessment System Matter?

Having a system work for you means being able to bring content and context together to serve each student in his or her own unique way.

Why It Matters


Maximizing time and efficiency

With so little time available to teachers and school leaders, it’s important to bring all assessments together in one place. This includes comprehensive content and standards coverage with hundreds of thousands of test items for use on paper and online, across the district or inside the classroom.

Our Approach

We combine the simplicity and power of an assessment platform to reduce time with assessments and laborious analysis when compiling data reports.


Ensuring flexibility in the classroom

No two days are alike, and not every day goes according to plan. That’s why teachers need tools and content that are flexible, whether that means using Quick Check-ins for understanding or relying on valid pre-built assessments to spend less time creating building tests.

Our Approach

We designed our system to be flexible and agile, so that teachers can feel confident to meet every need within the classroom while on their feet.


Equipping teachers with more tools

To ensure students are on track, sometimes it takes paper assessments with constructed responses or on-the-fly entrance/exit tickets. Other times, it may require online assessments from an existing bank of content or via pre-builts. No matter the situation, teachers need a resource they can turn to without compromising validity, reliability, or integrity.

Our Approach

We use whatever media, modality, and method it takes to provide meaning behind every assessment.


Delivering targeted, informed instruction

Assessments can serve as foundational elements of the educational experience, provided they are infused with the right content and tools and professional expertise.

Our Approach

We deliver an experience that enables you to go beyond assessment of learning towards assessment for learning.

Discover a Simpler Way to Do Assessment

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