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As districts navigate the COVID-19 disruptions, educators need an effective multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) more than ever. This toolkit provides everything you need to kickstart or enhance your own effective MTSS implementation. Support your team in using data to prevent learning loss, meet academic and social-emotional behavioral needs, and accelerate learning for each and every student.


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MTSS 101:
The Essentials

Multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) is a term we hear a lot. But it’s also surrounded by confusion. What do our teams need to know about MTSS? And how can we tell if our MTSS practices are effective? Explore the essential components of an MTSS framework and the data-driven decisions that drive daily best practices.

Setting Up for Data-Driven MTSS

Now that you have a foundational understanding of MTSS, let’s take a deep dive into setting up for MTSS success. Learn how to ask the right questions of the right data throughout essential MTSS processes—from measuring Tier 1 effectiveness to pinpointing student needs to monitoring individual student growth and evaluating the impact of our actions.

Supporting All Students with Equity-Based MTSS

Many educators are struggling to design a system that serves the whole child and supports all students while allocating their limited resources impactfully and scaling equitable practices system-wide. Join Dr. Amy McCart and Dr. Dawn Miller, leading MTSS experts from the SWIFT Education Center, to learn proven steps for approaching this work in your own school or district.


MTSS Templates Pack

Download templates to help you facilitate your own MTSS implementation! Match the right teams to the right data and the right questions. This packet provides agendas, guiding questions, student plan forms, fidelity logs, and more.

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Learn How Illuminate Supports MTSS

In order to implement MTSS effectively and successfully, educators need the right assessment, whole child data visualization, intervention tracking, and effectiveness reporting tools. They also need methods of easily collaborating and recording their decisions, actions, and next steps.

Illuminate Education supports districts nationwide in effectively implementing MTSS. Illuminate provides:

  • Whole child data visualization, including academic, behavioral, social-emotional learning, attendance, and intervention
  • A comprehensive assessment system, including valid, reliable, evidence-based universal screening, diagnostic, and progress monitoring assessments
  • Intervention tracking for academic and behavioral interventions
  • Intervention fidelity, attendance, and effectiveness reporting
  • Program effectiveness reporting
  • Collaboration tools
  • Intervention plans and student forms
  • Early warning systems

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