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Illuminate Signs Student Privacy Pledge

February 5th, 2016

On January 1, 2016, SOPIPA went into effect (no, it’s not the puff pastry from Mexican restaurants, that’s sopaipillas). This is the Student Online Personal Information Protection Act. While FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) is a long standing federal requirement to protect student data for educational purposes only, SOPIPA requires companies like Illuminate to adhere to additional expectations such as not selling student data, not marketing to students, and not changing privacy policies without notice. Illuminate fully supports these requirements.

In an effort to show our support for safeguarding student data, Illuminate has signed the Student Privacy Pledge. This pledge supports not only SOPIPA, but also incorporates the importance of protecting student personal data. Access to Illuminate is provided in a secure online environment with data privacy securely in place. By signing this pledge, we are making a commitment to continue doing what we have already been doing from the beginning – promoting that student data be safeguarded and used for encouraging student and educator success!

Not only are educators empowered to use data to inform instruction, parents can also have secure online access through Illuminate’s Parent Portal. We encourage districts to continue promoting to parents that they utilize the secure online portal to access their student’s data in order to promote the success of their student. Sharing that Illuminate has signed the Student Privacy Pledge will give parents and educators confidence that data privacy safeguards are in place when using Illuminate!

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