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Illuminate Summer 2020 Releases: New and Improved Features to Help Educators Accelerate Student Growth This Year

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September 8th, 2020

It will be critical this year for educators to have comprehensive and easy-to-use assessment and MTSS management tools to efficiently and effectively accelerate learning and ensure that all students are growing throughout the year. Our team has been hard at work building enhancements that enable educators to turn insights into actions in order to accelerate growth for each and every student—whether in a remote, onsite, or hybrid environment.



This school year, DnA users will enjoy an enhanced online testing and administration experience, enabling them to make the most of each instructional minute.

Image of Illuminate Summer Release for DnA

Key updates include:

    • A redesigned Item Bank
    • Flexible Assessment improvements
    • New Participation Reporting
    • Desmos Calculator updates



MTSS collaboration and management will be faster and more intuitive for eduCLIMBER users with a newly designed user interface and enhanced user experience.

Image of Illuminate Summer Release for eduCLIMBER

Key updates include:

  • Redesigned Launchpad
  • Redesigned Student Profile page
  • New Side Navigation Bar, including key features like interventions, incidents, and thresholds



FastBridge now has even more powerful tools and resources to make it easier for educators to interpret student data, identify learning gaps, and determine the right instruction and interventions to address those gaps.

Illuminate Summer Release for DnA

Key updates include:

  • New FASTtrack Math
  • New Screening to Intervention (S2i) Report for Math
  • New university research-backed instruction plans and Math interventions



The experts behind Inspect are bringing even more high-quality content to new subject areas and grade levels during this year, as well as resources to help educators address unfinished learning from the spring.

Key updates include:

    • Coming Back with Inspect assessment series to efficiently identify gaps in the previous year’s learning,
    • Inspect Premium: 3200 K-12 NGSS items 
    • State-specific US History Content in the Inspect bank for CA, IN, LA, MI, NY, OH, TN, and VA
    • New State-specific Assessment Suites in the Inspect pre-built library, including the premiere release of CA ELPAC Mirrors and the AzM2 Mimics



SchoolCity users will experience valuable usability enhancements and new SIS interoperability features.

Image of Illuminate Summer Release for SchoolCity

Key updates include:

  • Redesigned Performance Based Assessment Scoring
  • Enhanced Scoring Event page 
  • Push to Gradebook for Skyward SMS SIS (With more to come in 2020-2021!)
  • Primary language designation for Text-to-Speech at the item level 
  • Partial Credit for Gap Match (GM) and Graphic Gap Match (GGM) items



Illuminate Education equips educators to take a data-driven approach to serving the whole child. Our solution combines comprehensive assessment, MTSS management and collaboration, and real-time dashboard tools, and puts them in the hands of educators. As a result, educators can monitor learning and growth, identify academic and social-emotional behavioral needs, and align targeted supports in order to accelerate learning for each student. 

Ready to discover your one-stop shop for your district’s educational needs? Let’s talk.

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