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What Are Decision Rules?

April 8th, 2021


Decision rules are really important in being able to implement MTSS

First, at the tier one level, we need to know and be able to answer, “How do we know that what we’re doing with all kids is working?” We should also be able to identify, “At what point do we know that this is a class-wide or universal problem?” So, there should be a decision rule in place for that.

Second, when you think about identifying students in particular who need services and support, we need to be able to use our criterion references. In other words, what are the decision rules around determining the cut scores that indicate which students are or aren’t at-risk? Then we can be very explicit and thoughtful about creating plans for students to actually solve the problems with the proper types of support. 

We also have a third set of decisions that we should be thinking about. If we’ve implemented these interventions and created the plans, at what point do we know whether we’re going to change the plan? Or how do we know when to continue or end a plan? Being able to create those decision rules in advance and having them in place will make things so much easier when we’re evaluating and thinking about our data.




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