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Strategies for Engaging Families with End of Year Data

June 16th, 2022

Family involvement plays a foundational part in a student’s success and well-being.

When engaging families, oftentimes classroom teachers have a lot of direct communication with families. However, intervention teachers, ESL teachers, and special educators don’t always have as much contact, but oftentimes they do have after-school or before-school duty at parent pickup or parent drop-off. Meeting with parents and family members during parent pick-up and drop-off duty is a great way to engage with them and let them know what’s going on with their child in settings outside of the main classroom. It can be a way to tell parents what they could be doing with their child at home, and it’s a great way just to get to know them and establish a relationship then the parents know you and the kids know you when you are attending their family conferences later on in the school year. 

Discover some practical tips on how to engage parents and families in learning in the video posted above.





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