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Illuminate eduCLIMBER

Simple, powerful data visualization that captures insights from assessments, incidents, attendance and more. Everything you need to make critical decisions, all in one place.

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See Your Data in a Whole New Light

eduCLIMBER does the heavy-lifting for you by triangulating various state, district, and teacher-created assessments so you can see the data that matters most. Bring this together with incident reporting and other intervention data so that you have a 360-degree view of what’s happening across your entire organization.

  • Easily import data from nearly any standardized norm-referenced, criterion-referenced formative/summative assessment.
  • Identify and create a continuum of multiple supports for all students.
  • Evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of interventions within districts.
  • Save time and effort having to correlate and share data with various stakeholders.

Data Warehouse

Discover a single place to import, analyze and visualize a wide array of academic and non-academic data including:

  • Student Information: Attendance, Behavior, Transcript
  • Assessment: NWEA, Fountas & Pinnell, STAR, AimsWeb, DIBELS, iReady, FAST and more
  • State Assessments
  • National Assessments: SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP
  • Social Emotional: SAEBRS, BEST, Review 360

Response to Intervention (RtI)

Monitor student progress toward goals via benchmark targets and percentile ranks, and import or record data from a variety of assessment types to determine ongoing student needs.


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

Collect, report, and analyze school-wide behavior incidents. Includes a fully customizable PBIS suite with CICO monitoring and DBRCs with district-level reporting.

This system has meant a lot for our school, especially our students. It's very motivating for children to see their progress, like when a kid comes in and asks specifically to do something because they saw a piece of data. Because of eduCLIMBER, our gaps are closing and we're seeing so many positives.

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Phill Klamm
Walworth School District (WI)


  • Interactive district-level data dashboards
  • Interact with various student tasks (e.g., intervention sessions, growth monitoring, comments, fidelity) and professional tasks (e.g., SLOs, PPGs)
  • Ability to collect, report, and analyze school-wide behavior incidents
  • Ability to generate, manage, and modify SLOs and professional strategies for educator effectiveness