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FastBridge Onboarding Portal

Getting Started with FastBridge

We are excited that you have chosen the FastBridge system to support your district’s Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). We have created this portal to help you get FastBridge up and running in your district quickly and efficiently.

The graphic below outlines the complete implementation process. The highlighted steps indicate information our implementation team will need to receive from you in order to set up your account.


The FastBridge Onboarding Process

2-4 weeks

Check mark blue yellow

FastBridge receives signed purchase order.

One teal background

Complete Onboarding Survey.

Triangle down yellow
Check mark blue yellow

The Customer Success team sends you detailed onboarding information. Data Services creates your account and sends administrative login information.

Two teal background

Decide your rostering method and provide your student roster.

Triangle down yellow
Check mark blue yellow

Data Services team imports your roster data and completes setup.

Three teal background

System Management Workshop provided for site administrator and district leaders.

Triangle down yellow
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Complete Onboarding Survey

Complete in 10 minutes or less

Have the person primarily responsible for FastBridge implementation answer these questions so we can set up your account.

Helpful Hints When Answering the Setup Questions
District and School Information

The information provided will be used to create your district’s program. Please access your Student Information System (SIS) and list the name of your district and each school as titled in your system. We will use this list to ensure the district and school names entered in FastBridge match the names in your SIS. Please list the grade levels associated with each building, low to high.

Screening Periods

FastBridge defaults to three screening periods from which the norms and benchmarks are derived. You can add two additional periods, but you will need to designate one of the core (fall, winter and spring) benchmarks for your additional screenings. Assessment windows default to four weeks in length, but the district can also decide to use a different duration for the benchmark and norms data collection window.

Understanding FastBridge User Roles
Key District-Level Access Administrators
Two teal background
Provide Your Student Roster

Decide how you are going to share your student roster with FastBridge.
You have 2 options: a manual import or automation.

Manual Import - An hour or less
Automation - 3 Options
Prepare your IT team
Set up a nightly data extract from FastBridge
Three teal background
Step 3: Personalized Training And Services To Take You Further