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MTSS: Whole Data, Whole Child

Connect the dots with data to meet the needs of all students from a whole child perspective.


Support All Students By Bringing Everything Together

A multi-tiered system of supports or MTSS is a framework of best practices for supporting educators in helping each and every student from a whole child perspective. 

While there are many different versions of frameworks depending on state and local initiatives, each framework is anchored in a set of key fundamentals that are necessary for MTSS success.

A diagram unpacks the question "What is MTSS" into five general components

Make Every Minute Matter with Illuminate

The whole child focus that MTSS outlines includes collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources, including academic, behavioral, and social-emotional. Illuminate Education supports you in streamlining your MTSS implementation—to efficiently and effectively make multiple data streams actionable—through a comprehensive Student Performance System.