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Keynote Speakers


John Bielinski, Ph.D

Sr. Director of Research & Development
Illuminate Education


Rachel Brown, Ph.D., NCSP

Senior Academic Officer
Illuminate Education


Kyle Wagner, Ph.D., NCSP

Research Associate
Illuminate Education


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Heart gold

What's the Good Word on Illuminate and the 2020 Fall Webinar Series?

"I have attended and even facilitated tons of training around the impact trauma has on the brain and the research behind neuroplasticity/growth mindset, etc. This was one of THE BEST mini trainings I have ever attended. Your ability to simplify extremely complex concepts is a true gift. Thank you for sharing your expertise. You not only taught me new perspectives on this content but also new ways to think about how I can better teach."

Erica Giron

Student Services Coordinator
Battle Creek Public Schools

"I love the new interface!!! Seriously...I've gotten so many new ideas from this conference series already. Mind blown in some ways with features I didn't know were available/creative ways other districts have used them."

Heather Eison

Instructional Coach
Bradford County Schools

"I suffered through watching a different conference today (which I had to pay for). I was also watching the Illuminate session at the same time. Illuminate has by far the best webinars. They are backed by research, relevant to what districts need to know to improve learning, and packed with good information. I wish I could do everything that I have learned.

And I have LOVED the sessions I've been able to attend: Keeping Core Instruction First and Making your MTSS Effective During a Pandemic! So many more to catch up on!

Thank you so much for providing the Sankey chart/diagram!!! LOVE IT"

Allison Jordan

Director of Assessment & Accountability
Newton County Schools

"Thank you for this important information. I know there has been some loss over the summer and during the spring term. I am looking for strategies to disrupt the trend."

Lisa Head-Walker

Clayton County Board of Education

"With Illuminate's data and assessment system (DnA) at our fingertips, instructors were able to shift their focus away from simply teaching the material to understanding whether or not students had actually learned it."

Jake Collins

Math Instructional Team
Statesboro High School

"Illuminate really is changing the face of education through technology."

Rufus Thompson

Technology Coordinator
Mountain View School District

"This system has meant a lot for our school, especially our students. It's very motivating for children to see their progress, like when a kid comes in and asks specifically to do something because they saw a piece of data. Because of eduCLIMBER, our gaps are closing and we're seeing so many positives."

Phill Klamm

Walworth School District

"Illuminate is a vital step in our instructional process. Our team uses the data within Illuminate to drive instruction in the classroom, better prepare our students for the Milestones assessments, and make sure that we do not let any kids fall through the cracks."

Mike Roberts

Associate Superintendent
Heard County Schools

"With the right data, we can get a complete picture of every student's strengths and weaknesses, and understand all the variables that contribute to performance. With this information, we can make better decisions about supports that are needed and how interventions are progressing."

Sian Marshall

Data Specialist
Oxford Community Schools

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