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[Infographic] What’s a Comprehensive Assessment System?

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November 27th, 2019

Every student has a unique learning journey. To support each student, educators need the right tools at their disposal to measure, monitor, and verify students’ learning as they progress. Those are the tools that make up a comprehensive assessment system.

A comprehensive assessment system is a system of assessment tools varying in purpose that promotes the careful selection of the right assessment at the right time to provide the right information for actionable next steps. It’s balanced in the sense that it offers the correct level of information. It’s comprehensive in the sense that it integrates different assessment types to appropriately serve all students and their needs.

There’s often confusion around which assessment types make up a comprehensive system—as well as how to use each assessment correctly and effectively. What’s each assessment’s purpose, and what questions can each assessment answer? When should different assessments be administered and to which students? How do key assessments drive decisions in an effective MTSS implementation?

We created a Comprehensive Assessment Systems Infographic to help answer these questions. Share it with your team, or print and hang it in your office as a one-page reference throughout the year.

Download it for free here:

For more information about comprehensive assessment systems, check out our Comprehensive Assessment Systems 101 recorded webinar or our Complete Guide to Comprehensive Assessment Systems eBook.

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