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6 Free Professional Development Kits for Educators

April 1st, 2020

With nationwide remote learning in place, some educators are experiencing slightly more flexibility in their daily schedules than they would if students were still in school. Although we are not sure what the fall will look like, many teachers and administrators are attempting to utilize this unexpected time for developing or sharpening skills that will help them accelerate learning when students do return.

If your team is starting to seek out professional development activities, here are a six different professional learning kits to consider. They’re great for individuals or for virtual teams. Simply pick a kit and complete these reflection questions.

Beginner/Intro Levels:

Comprehensive Assessment Systems:

In the fall, educators will need to use their assessment tools quickly and correctly to diagnose where students are in their standards and skills mastery and inform instruction and intervention. This kit outlines the key assessments that support those processes.


Assessment & Data Literacy:

Assessment and data literacy enables educators to turn data into insights for each student—both upon returning to school and throughout the year.


Understanding MTSS:

Discover a framework for using data to pinpoint each student’s needs, align interventions, monitor progress, and accelerate learning—all while using resources strategically.


Advanced Levels:

Assessment Deep Dives:

Deepen your understanding of what each key assessment tool tells us about student learning and what types of decisions different assessments can inform.


Analyzing Assessment Data:

Learn practical approaches for making the connection between assessment data and taking the best next step for students.


Making MTSS Work:

Now that you have a general understanding of MTSS, dig into daily best practices and unpack key questions around key data.


Looking for more resources around supporting remote learners? Check out our Distance Learning Community Page for free resources for your team, including webinars, professional learning activities, articles, product tips, and more.


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